Bio Therapeutic Ultimate Infusion


An effective anti-ageing beauty treatment


All of the effects of the Bio Ultimate Gold facial with the added boost of a collagen turbo masque.

The collagen is absorbed by the skin with the use of the infusion masque which emits a low level micro-current allowing the collagen to work more effectively giving the skin a huge boost.

The result is visible firming and smoothing of the skin. Bio-Ultimate Face Lift dramatically improves muscle and skin tone, as well as elasticity, provides product penetration, lymphatic drainage and circulatory benefits, as well as facial and body firming.

Vitamin C Power!

The BT-Infusion™ Vitamin C masque from Bio-Therapeutic contains vitamin C, aloe vera, elastin, and witch hazel extract. This potent antioxidant rich masque, is the perfect free radical powerhouse that alleviates the effects of dry skin while firming, refining, and smoothing skin.

  • 75 mins: £55.00


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