Men's Grooming Treatments


Today more than ever, men are taking care of their appearance; so to help you choose the most suitable treatment, we have listed a few ideas below. However most of the treatments provided here at Body Image Beauty & Laser Clinic can be enjoyed by men.

Effective Laser Hair Removal 

In recent years male grooming has progressed from traditional hair-cuts and nose-hair trimming, to something altogether more serious, with permanent hair reduction treatments proving increasingly popular.

There are several common reasons for men to opt for hair removal, these include:

  • High hair density: Removal of hair from areas such as on the shoulders, back & neck.
  • Cosmetic reasons: You want to achieve a more refined Body Image.
  • Comfort: Removing hair often reduces irritation and discomfort issues - particularly for sports players.



Other Hair Removal Treatments


Aromatherapy Massage

The healing properties of essential oils and therapeutic value of massage in a complete treatment.

  • Back, Neck & Shoulder £30.00
  • Indian Head Massage £25.00
  • Hot Stone Massage £55.00



The male grooming industry is now booming with 20% of men visiting beauty salons on a regular basis; sales of male beauty products in the UK have risen massively in just a few years, while sales of male skincare products have increased by 900%. And about time too! Why shouldn't men look after their bodies and themselves, whilst indulging in a little luxury every now and then? We can confirm that ladies like their men to be well groomed, so there's no excuse to make the effort.

Men want healthy skin and fewer wrinkles too - they have the same hang-ups as women however much they try to deny it. What with style icons like David Beckham and Jonny Wilkinson openly taking care of themselves, it is becoming more acceptable to have that facial or manicure treatment.

FHM, one of the UK's leading men's magazines urges its readers to indulge themselves, stating that "self pampering is not a crime" (March 2005). Do not forget Chelsea's 1-0 win against Blackburn Rovers, when Chelsea players celebrated by baring all their freshly waxed chests! With influence coming from all directions, the pressure is on to look good - and Body Image is able to help!


Men deserve clear, healthy skin, reduced wrinkles and the glow of rejuvenation - check out some of these cleansing and relaxing facial treatments.


St Tropez Tanning

St Tropez continues to revolutionise the ultimate tanning experience, with the launch of the world's first ever self-tan treatment and retail range containing new Aromaguard technology, which virtually eliminates the distinctive self-tan odour. Award winning St Tropez products tan effectively & safely to a streak-free finish. We provide the complete tanning solutions - including the pre-tan body polish .... helping you to look fantastic when you need to!

Full Body - £35.00


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