This is a permanent method of hair removal using a sterilised needle. The needle is inserted into the hair follicle and a mild electrical current is passed through to the root of the hair. The hair is then gripped with tweezers and removed. Over a period of time the hair is diminished. It is most suited to small areas of the face and neck, also suited for blonde or white hairs that cannot be treated by Laser or IPL.


Advanced Electrolysis


Red Vein Removal & Blood Spots


Red veins on the face can be treated very efficiently using a sterilised needle and mild diathermy current to cauterise the veins. The skin will then heal with no scaring after treatment. Using the same method blood spots on the face and body can be treated - these are sometimes known as 'Campbell de Morgan' spots or 'Cherry Spots'.


Skin Tag Removal


Using a specialist technique of advanced electrolysis, skin tags can be treated with a sterilised needle and diathermy to stop the blood supply to the tag, which will then fall off naturally over the next 48hours. Some tags will disappear immediately depending on the size.

All Electrolysis and advanced specialist treatments require a free consultation and home care advice, which is given by our professional therapist who has been qualified in these areas of treatment since 1988.

  • 15 minutes £15.00
  • 30 minutes £25.00
  • Advanced Electrolysis - Thread vein removal £30.00


Our other Hair Removal treatments include:  Permanent Laser | IPL | Threading | Waxing


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