Guinot Liftosome


The "Firming Lifting" Treatment.


LIFTOSOME is a treatment totally dedicated to the firmness and youthfulness of skin, thanks to the key active ingredient: PRO-COLLAGEN CONCENTRATE.


The perfect treatment before a special occasion! In less than an hour the LIFTOSOME facial will diminish signs of fatigue using a thermal mask with Vitamin C to give your skin new energy. Specifically designed for problems associated with mature skins, this stimulating thermal facial also utilises orange extract and ginseng, to regenerate and energise, leaving the skin firmed and radiant.

With age and fatigue, the skin slackens and loses tone. The LIFTOSOME treatment gives your face a new youthfulness and firmness by reducing the marks of time. The LIFTOSOME treatment also restores radiance and vitality to clear away signs of fatigue.

Your beauty therapist will prepare an exclusive treatment specifically tailored to your individual needs, with Pro Collagen which promotes the skins elasticity. During the treatment, the gentle heat of the Thermolift Mask provides new energy to regenerate the skin's firmness.

  • The gentle heat from the Thermolift Mask boosts the penetration of the active ingredients and rehydrates the epidermis
  • A radiance promoting and firming treatment, Liftosome offers unique results for tired skin
  • The anti-age serum smoothes the features and oxygenates the cells to complete the firming effects of the treatment


At the end of the treatment, study your face in the mirror - you'll see that it looks much younger.

  • Your skin is re-densified and your features are redefined
  • Your skin has a new firmness and wrinkles and fine lines are reduced
  • Your skin looks firmer and younger
  • Your facial contours are redefined


  • 60 mins: £50.00


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