Guinot Aromatic Facials


Nature has created medicinal plants that have healed people for over 10,000 years. It is from nature that GUINOT draws the plant concentrates and essential oils that make the skin more beautiful and radiant in this customised facial. This aromatherapy treatment ends with a relaxing facial massage enhanced by pressure point techniques.

Lose yourself in a tantalising world of fragrant herbs, plants and flowers. When you enter the treatment room, the welcoming fragrance of the essential oils, beckons you on a wonderful voyage.

Find tranquil beauty with this unique method that combines the benefits of essential oils with de-stressing and tension reducing massage techniques and a facial mask, tailor made to your beauty requirements.

Femme Aromatic Visage is recommended as a 'quick pick me up', or as a course of three treatments.


  • 45 mins: £40.00


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